Urban Dancewear: It’s All About Attitude!

The urban dance scene is one of the more “less structured” dance genres around. It has a pulse steeped in popular culture and it is exciting and vibrant. What makes urban dance so relevant is that it is centered on personal individual style and taste. There are no uniforms or defined looks in urban dance. There are no “toe-shoes”, tutus, and tiaras. It is “do your own thing”, and look good doing it. Urban dance is defined by the dancer’s understanding of his or her personal movement, and how they look while doing it. Execution and style matter and structure does not.

Urban dance-wear takes its cues from street fashions. The hip-hop generation has exploded into being with its own blend of music interpretation and the fashion is a direct commentary of individual style. It is not uncommon to see street dancers dancing in Doc Martens or Timberland boots. It is not against the grain to dance in distressed jeans and a T-shirt, the more ripped the better. There are no guidelines as to how to look, except just look good. That is based on what the dancer feels. No jazz flats here. For the intricacies of the dance, there are certain ways that dancers look from Gothic to Punk, to Emo, and others. All are dependent upon the personal interpretation of the dancer to make a statement about the dance and who they are in it. Urban dance allows a greater parameter of expression for development, choreography and for a broader sense of cultural definition of what happens in the current world. It is fed by music, fashion, politics, and the youthful expression of discovery.

The wonderful thing about urban dance-wear is that there is room for toe-shoes, jazz flats, and tutus. They are counted as literal expressions of contemporary dance and are equally accepted. Urban dance allows room for all expression, and some days, a tutu might just make the right kind of statement, even when paired with Kanye West or Eminem.

What will anyone need to look like an urban dancer? You will need some comfortable shoes and clothes that reflect your personality. A willingness to look at urban dancewear fashion and all of its interpretations is a good thing to do as well, and to develop a personal style that works for you. And to all of that, keep a good worn pair of toe-shoes just in case. They can travel too.