Flaunt Your Tools For the Urban Professional Effortlessly!

Admittedly, tools for the urban professional progressed from being status symbols to essential communication and information tools. In fact, you will neither be caught dead in the office without them nor be tortured into admitting you do not possess them. Some die-hard techie urban professionals even go so far as to name their babies, er, gadgets!

However, even if these tools for the urban professional are not the status symbols they once were, you can still flaunt them! Why, you ask? Well, because these tools for the urban professional can attest to your professional success, your personal taste, and your pursuit of perfection. Here is how.

Choose Only the Best

Often, the best tools for the urban professional are the latest models in the market. This does not mean, however, that you should be beside yourself when something new does come along. You have to assess whether your old cellphone and laptop still suit your lifestyle perfectly or if you need new models to keep updated on new features.

When you do decide that you need the latest features in cellphones and laptops, keep these hottest innovations in mind when searching for your new toys, ahem, tools for the urban professional:

– For cellphones – QWERTY keyboard on smart phones for its ease of use in text messaging; very handy for when you want to make your girlfriend’s day with cute messages and for when you want to tell your boss things that should never be said in his face.

Cellphones with dual connection that allow for both a phone network and a Wi-Fi connection; very useful in traveling in and out of the country as well as for its fast Internet connection.

Look for cellphones with wider music capabilities that deliver entertainment on a wider range with fewer wires, even connect to a Bluetooth. Remember that tools for the urban professional perform multiple functions much as their owners do.

Cameras are the urban professional’s best friend. Look for cellphone cameras with at least 5 megapixel capabilities for that clearer shot. This feature of tools for the urban professional is great for impromptu visits to construction sites and espionage purposes.

– For laptops – Look for high-definition content that allows you to view clearer, sharper and brighter images than with older models. You can always test-run the laptop at the store before actually buying it. If you find one with a mini-remote control like that of Apple’s, snap it up!

Opt for trendier styles with obviously designer touches when considering tools for the urban professional. Nowadays, silver interiors and bright colors are the fashion; forget about your black plastic cases and go for the metallic and the pearlized look instead.

And oh, yes. For both of these tools for the urban professional, the dictum is the slimmer, the better.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Now that you have these most coveted and most useful of tools for the urban professional, the next logical step is to accessorize them and to make them perfect personal accessories.

– Dress smartly or casually, according to the occasion. While it is true that these tools for the urban professional – cellphones and laptops – go well with any outfit, be sure to dress in a way that befits your stature as an urban professional. Stay away from boho and hobo chic!

– If desired, encase your laptop in a stylish laptop cover. You will be protecting it from dust, scratches and other external damage and considering the cost of these tools for the urban professional, it will be wise to invest in one. However, choose one in solid colors to project an aura of professionalism. Pink Hello Kitty is cute but is not cutthroat.

– Carry your tools for the urban professional in stylish leather cases/bags. Of course, a backpack is fine on casual Saturdays but leather is best for its durability and quality, not to mention its professional style.

– Make sure you have the right accessories for your tools for the urban professional. For laptops, security cables, portable laptop desks, and presentation devices are good investments.

With proper choosing and proper accessorizing, you will come up with tools for the urban professionals that are worth flaunting in front of colleagues. You are making an impression of professional and financial success, good personal taste in your choice of accessories, and your pursuit of perfection in finding the best tools for the urban professional to suit your needs.

But ultimately, the best way to flaunt your tools for the urban professional is to actually know how to use them!

Urban Dancewear: It’s All About Attitude!

The urban dance scene is one of the more “less structured” dance genres around. It has a pulse steeped in popular culture and it is exciting and vibrant. What makes urban dance so relevant is that it is centered on personal individual style and taste. There are no uniforms or defined looks in urban dance. There are no “toe-shoes”, tutus, and tiaras. It is “do your own thing”, and look good doing it. Urban dance is defined by the dancer’s understanding of his or her personal movement, and how they look while doing it. Execution and style matter and structure does not.

Urban dance-wear takes its cues from street fashions. The hip-hop generation has exploded into being with its own blend of music interpretation and the fashion is a direct commentary of individual style. It is not uncommon to see street dancers dancing in Doc Martens or Timberland boots. It is not against the grain to dance in distressed jeans and a T-shirt, the more ripped the better. There are no guidelines as to how to look, except just look good. That is based on what the dancer feels. No jazz flats here. For the intricacies of the dance, there are certain ways that dancers look from Gothic to Punk, to Emo, and others. All are dependent upon the personal interpretation of the dancer to make a statement about the dance and who they are in it. Urban dance allows a greater parameter of expression for development, choreography and for a broader sense of cultural definition of what happens in the current world. It is fed by music, fashion, politics, and the youthful expression of discovery.

The wonderful thing about urban dance-wear is that there is room for toe-shoes, jazz flats, and tutus. They are counted as literal expressions of contemporary dance and are equally accepted. Urban dance allows room for all expression, and some days, a tutu might just make the right kind of statement, even when paired with Kanye West or Eminem.

What will anyone need to look like an urban dancer? You will need some comfortable shoes and clothes that reflect your personality. A willingness to look at urban dancewear fashion and all of its interpretations is a good thing to do as well, and to develop a personal style that works for you. And to all of that, keep a good worn pair of toe-shoes just in case. They can travel too.

Nursing Career – More Reasons to Become a Travel Nurse

Choosing to become a travel nurse can be a hard decision because it requires a big change and relatively less stable than having a permanent nursing job in a hospital or medical facility. The benefits and perks of traveling nursing, however, can far outweigh the cons and prove to be the experience of a lifetime. If you’re a young, single and adventurous nurse in discount urbane scrubs then there’s no better path than travel nursing. Below are some more reasons to be a travel nurse.

Travel opportunity

Sooner or later you’ll have to settle down and raise a family; all the more reason why you need to see as much of the world as you can (or at least the North American continent) while you’re not tied down yet. As the old adage goes, you live only one life, so why not live it to the fullest? See new places, meet new people, see the country, and expand your horizons by being a travel nurse. If you are a restless soul and an insatiable adventurer, you can’t go wrong with practicing the job that you are passionate about while having the opportunity to travel; you have to seize it when you can, while you can. Travel nursing assignments usually last for thirteen weeks at a time. This means that you can visit and experience four different cities in a year.

Nursing experience

If you have been working in the same hospital and the same nursing job for too long, a nursing travel opportunity is a great way to explore other nursing possibilities and work in a different kind of environment from the one you are used to. In travel nursing, you have the chance to work in different nursing units such as cancer research, home care, hospital care, emergency units, ICU, and so on, depending on your travel nursing assignment.

Career advancement

With the varied experience that you gain in a travel nursing job, you can improve your resume with new skills, professional knowledge, and competencies that you pick up along the way. A travel nursing job increases your knowledge-base and teaches you to become flexible in adapting different working methods and procedures. Working with different kinds of people and in different types of environments and settings will give you a favorable advantage over nurses who have been limited by a single job all their life. Not only will you advance your career but you will also benefit personally in terms of personal growth and development. There is no better teacher than first-hand experience and being exposed to various experiences will expand your consciousness and make you a better and well-adjusted person (beyond being a good nurse).


When you are a travel nurse, you have the chance to choose the places that you prefer to work in a given time. For example, if it’s winter where you live, you can go to California or Florida for some sunshine. If you are from a small town, you can experience the big city and if you grew up in the city, you can immerse yourself in the country and rural areas. You can take up skiing, surfing, skateboarding, or whatever sport or activity you desire!