Financial Tips For Travel Nurses – Why it is Imperative to Save For the Future

When you’re working as a travel nurse, saving money is even more important to secure your future for retirement. Unlike permanent nursing staff that more or less enjoys a guaranteed pension and a job for the rest of their working life, travel nurses have to consider that in times of downsizing and job-cuts, they are the first to go. Thankfully, nurses in urbane scrubs free shipping are in high demand even in times of crisis. Moreover, nursing travel companies, unlike before, are offering benefit packages and pension contributions to attract nurses. In addition to cash incentives and investment vehicles, these nursing travel companies offer matching contributions to those who wish to invest in a pension plan.

Corporate 401K

Experts say that 401K contributions combined with another pension investment option such as individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are enough for guaranteeing you a comfortable retirement. Travel nurses should take this wonderful opportunity so that they no longer have to worry about retirement. Corporate 401K plans are usually managed by the employer. Every month, contributions are deducted from your salary and goes to the investment plan, and often, your employer matches the contributions so that it is doubled. Travel companies can offer a nonqualified retirement with IRAs or a qualified 401K. The nonqualified 401K is less complicated since it does not have too many requirements and does not involve too much reporting. Even if the nursing travel company you’re working for does not offer matching contributions, you should still take advantage of the available investment options offered by corporate 401K.

Individual retirement accounts

Other travel nurses supplement their retirement investment with individual retirement accounts. Traditional IRA contributions are great because they are tax-deductible; however, earnings from it are tax-deferred. Another option is the Roth IRA which, while not tax-deductible, the earnings you will get from it are tax-free. So it is up to you if you want to pay taxes now, or pay them later.

Saving early

Saving for retirement is often taken for granted by a lot of travel nurses, especially the young ones. Saving as early as you possibly can is key to enjoying a financially abundant future. The money that you save now, rather than later, can significantly earn a lot more benefitting from time, compounding interest and tax-deferred growth. Pension contributions will only take up as small fraction of your salary. The deductions can be made automatically, every month, so you won’t even notice to the point that you can more or less “forget” about it. By the time that you reach retirement age, you will be financially independent for the rest of your days and will not be a burden to your children or family. You can start small and gradually increase your contributions every year or when you get a bonus or a raise.


When it comes to investing, the key is diversification-the spreading of investments. Travel nurses can purchase some company stocks and invest in mutual funds offered by their banks-all low-risk investments. Depending on your risk-tolerance, you can set up a portfolio by first consulting an independent financial consultant.