5 Ridiculous Travel Products – Save Your Packing Space

Everyone admits that packing for a trip is one of the most painful parts of the experience. Endless lists (which often have a list themselves), agonising decisions about filling limited space and the inevitable panic at the airport or train station when you realise you’ve forgotten something. This isn’t made any easier by the seemingly constant supply of pointless travel products cheerfully promoted by companies. All, naturally, claim to remove stress from your travel experience, demanding space in your already bulging suitcase.

So what are the biggest wastes of space that we’ve found? Let’s keep the list short, for fear of hypocrisy following comments about packing…

We open with a combination product verging on anti-social. The Pillowig is, as it suggests, a pillow that you need never take off, held in place eternally behind your head by an attached bathing-style cap and fetching chin strap. Sleep anywhere!

Where better to put your valuables than…somewhere valuable? The stashcard helpfully allows you to hide your credit cards, keys and cash in the empty slots in your laptop. Thieves will naturally avoid your personal computer when rooting through your belongings.

3.Vending machine urban camouflage costume
Urban violence. It’s everywhere. Travel to any city in the world and you’re sure to be set upon by young drug-addicts who will take everything, except your laptop and its secret Stashcard. But wait; there’s a solution! To blend seamlessly into the urban environment where you are likely to be set upon, one design genius has come up with a skirt that unrolls into…a vending machine costume! The only thing giving away your impenetrable disguise is your shoes poking out of the bottom. According to the designer’s website, she’s also created a backpack that looks like a Japanese fire hydrant for children to hide behind. Bottomless creativity…

4.Weather forecasting umbrella
Thanks to a chip in the handle that receives a wireless signal, the owner of the Ambient Forecasting Umbrella will be informed via a selection of small lights on the handle if there is a chance of rain. Those of us without Ambient Forecasting Umbrellas can use the more old fashioned indicator of looking out of the window before leaving our accommodation.

5.Portable espresso maker
Thanks to the latest in mobile coffee preparation technology, you too can enjoy a shot of espresso in remote locations. With its “stylish black shoulder bag” measuring only 27 x 21 x 9cm the remote wilderness explorer can get his system buzzing with a caffeine kick. Incredibly, this simple pleasure is ‘affordable’, with the whole kit only costing you around $190.

For a look at the pictures of these travel essentials, visit the Escaped to Peru website using the link below. We assure you that they really do appear as ridiculous as they sound…

Do you agree with the selection, or is it a bit mean? Got any other nominations for the list? Maybe you are a representative from one of these companies and would like the chance to sell us the benefits of your product…leave your comments using the form!